With great pride I am pleased to announce the pre-launch of my first book Spot the Next Economic Bubble

Free-market thinkers from the Austrian School of economics had warned us about the Great Depression, the dot-com bubble, and the US housing crisis of 2008. This book uses their theories to examine the structural weaknesses across the world that point towards a major economic meltdown.

This book is based on theories by the Austrian School of economics and explains why massive waves of wealth destruction are coming which will will put your entire financial future in peril. The next crisis is going to be like the Great Depression… but only much worse. 

Read this book to understand what is ahead, how to see it coming, and what to do about it right now, while there's still time to protect yourself.

Coming soon to a book-store near you. 

Available for pre-order in India on all leading online stores including HomeShop18FlipkartCrosswordInfibeamuReadBookAddaBuyBooksIndiaSimplyBooks and others.

Get it now. 

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